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reply to rafael about pricing

updated sat 3 feb 01


artimater on fri 2 feb 01

I think you may have missed my point.....I'll give it another =
It doesn't matter where the money for work comes from(I have a =
"working wife"(which implies that I don'tHMMMMMMM)). It maters what =
fine art sells for. Any education will surely do Joe Public good.
Lessee.....Two years ago I bought a stock at $2.00 with money I had =
laying around.....Whilst spending 2 minutes a week I saw it increase =
1000% in a if I was also a potter (humble soul)....with no = job as a mother used to kick my ass on a =
regular basis...Papa was a rolling stone....I often cry myself to sleep =
cause nobody loves me.....I got no friends and the others they hate =
me......I'm not worthy......It really didn't take much effort on my part =
I was really lucky to recieve such a nice gain to $200.00 a share so =
when I decided to sell even though the going price was $200.00 a share I =
set my sell price at $1.50.....Boy did it sell fast!....I must be one =
helluva stock trader huh?
If stockbrokers thought like that we would all soon be in trouble
If doctors thought like that we would have soon have no doctors
If lawyers thought like that there would soon be no law
If gardeners thought like that there would be a lot of ugly =
lawns........and on and on and on
I want cash BABY.....CASH for my skill, CASH for my time, CASH for =
my knowledge, and Cash for the little bit of piece of mind and beauty =
that I can offer to the buyer. A buyer who is presently mired in a world =
controlled by tiny low voltage sparks, where virtual reality has =
replaced real.....I give the oppurtunity for the computer operator to =
hold in his hand(bang against his head) something old fashioned REAL =
that came to his hand from my hands(here I go again) and from god.....As =
I've said before "I've seen big tears over a little breakage"
now if the shmucksHEHEHE have much trepidation in asking for their =
due resonable payment it is only because they have so controlled the =
market and diminished the true value of fine art and even their fellow =
artists(you know who you are) for so long....WAKE UP!!!.... the American =
public has never known the joy of REAL FINE ART so let them go postal or =
pay.....Let them try to make their own......(FIST IN THE AIR) =
......Artists unite!!!!!!
There are myriad reasons why "people" take ceramics courses. In my
experience at the community college level, very few of them are =
in "making a living" with clay. Many students enroll in a college =
course as an elective towards an Associate or Baccalaureate degree. =
are also non-credit continuing education courses for those who wish to
pursue ceramics as a hobby or avocation.

Whatever a student's motivation is for enrolling in a ceramics course, I
believe the classes are valuable in that students gain a greater
understanding and appreciation for the medium through the experience =
the materal and processes. While we may not affect a great number of
people, I don't think you (read: the independant studio artist) mind a =
enlightened buying public.
This is a fair criticism, but what of the studio artist who won the =
or has an inheritance/trust fund or an insurance/legal settlement or a
working spouse/significant other/life partner. Do they get a pass?
Unfortunately, your studio doesn't exist in a vacuum. There are many
circumstances in which artists work and sell. And, it's true that some =
ALL) faculty have the unfair advantage of the perquisite of materials,
utilities, and studio space and as a result some do undercut the
competition. I doubt this is going to change. It's a part of the =
market in
which you have chosen to participate.

"i only indulge when i've seen a snake, so i keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"