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pottery price and value

updated fri 2 feb 01


Dave Finkelnburg on thu 1 feb 01

Hi all!
Just to keep things straight, I've changed the subject wording, but the
thread is familiar....
While the tone may be a tad intemperate :-) Artimator's note below
says a lot of what Wendy Rosen has been telling us for some time. It takes
guts to raise prices. Selling cheap, while the easy way out, keeps the
market low. If potters want higher prices, they'll have to start holding
out for them.
Dave Finkelnburg, squinting into the morning sunshine reflected off the
fresh snow

From: artimater
What needs to happen is all you guys that are selling stuff cut rate
gotta cut it out...It would be nice if you all would increase your prices by
about 500%....sure you would price yourselves out of the market but if
everyone did it the market would have to catch up or do without.....