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plant pots/patents , spit and prices

updated sun 4 feb 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on sat 3 feb 01

If you look at old, used terra cotta plant pots, you see white soluble salts and other crusties that soak into the clay, away from the plant. It is my understanding that plants are happy about that. Plants in vitrified/plastic containers do best if repotted into larger containers from time to time.

Those of you who were following the broccoli patent thread: I have a rant on my website about heirloom seeds and the scary stuff monsanto et al are trying to pull with patents. It is literally a rant, typos and all, needs editing but there it is.

Whistles and spit: thanks all. I think most of the spit goes inside the whistle, judging by how wet they get when I test the ones I'm making. Maybe a pot of boiling water nearby? I've scribbled down all the suggestions, anyway.

Artimater says:

" It would be so nice if you guys figured your prices on what it takes to live.....If you make 5 pieces a year you should price them at$10,000 per(I need $50,000 a year to be comfy)......If you make 100 pieces a year; price at $500....1000 pieces a year;


Artimater, since the amount you say you made on your last commercial gig is more than my annual income and my husband's combined - BEFORE I quit my job and had 3 kids - I have to wonder how one defines "what it takes to live". We don't all have the luxury of refusing to sell our work on principle.

I have an acquaintance whose kids are in daycare because, despite her husband's nice income she "HAS to work" -- apparently unable to imagine life without a lexus, shopping sprees and trips to the islands. To each his own; it just amazes me that she doesn't recognize the irony of pleading helplessness in the face of poverty to ME.

And as frugal as we are, we have a roof, a garden, fresh eggs, and plenty to eat, which puts is in that category of luckier than most of the world.

My point: Certainly we need to value what we do, and not be embarrased to ask what it's worth. I imagine that my prices, and my selectivity about what to make and where to sell it, will increase with time, practice and skill. Frankly, "I just ain't there yet". I find it a bit short sighted for folks who can AFFORD to be smug to forget that some of us have bills to pay this week, and find it hard to focus on a bigger picture than that.

Yours, Kelly in Ohio (who will make whatever anybody asks for, for whatever they will pay, good taste notwithstanding. Chip and dip bowl? no problem! want your name on it?)

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