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updated sat 3 feb 01


lela martens on fri 2 feb 01

Hi, I find this topic interesting. Lots of us do under value what we do. If
a non- potter compliments, we say to ourselves," well, they don`t really
know ." If a fellow potter does, we say" Yeah, they are just being nice",
{because we know how very nice all potters are}
Some of you are also writers. What if you went to a less specialised
magazine with the idea of writing about potters, how they do what they do,
interviews and pictures? Maybe Martha Stewart, decorating mags, Harrowsmith
type mags, gardening? An article about where Frasier get his pots?
People find themselves needing real things in their lives, with cyber
space, and being in high gear so much of the time. Things like relaxing in a
scented bath, yoga, sunsets, a nice coffee mug, etc. The general public
really doesn`t know much about the subject, and this might get them to
notice, then, maybe think and appreciate. First, you have to get their
I believe people respect and value those things they cannot do
themselves. I really respect my dentist, and the guy who figured out how to
get all those colours through the television cord. :>} Just an idea. Lela
now, spelling? check, paragraphs,check,clumsy sentence structure? not
terrible, ok, press send
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