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free workshops, free beer

updated sun 4 feb 01


L. P. Skeen on sat 3 feb 01

> this thread on should i give free workshops makes my blood boil.

I don't think the question was 'should I give a FREE workshop?'... I
believe it was, a two part question: a. SHOULD I teach the workshop, and
b. WHAT should I charge?. Cool that blood back down and get a beer. ;)


clennell on sun 4 feb 01

this thread on should i give free workshops makes my blood boil.
What a great way to undervalue the worth of a potter. Maybe you have
a pension, a retirement savings plan or independent means but there
are potters that need to make a living. If you are a good potter and
don't need the money , charge the going rate and give the money to
your favourite charity, a single parent, a homeless person or buy the
pots of a potter that does good work and is hanging by the skin of
their teeth. Donate the money to your favourite Arts Centre but don't
do free workshops. If you locate next to my shop and give your pots
away for free, it makes it tough on me..
charge the rate- post All proceeds to the Cancer Society.
take the money and have bumper stickers printed and give them away.
they should read " suppport your local potter".
P,S think of the wonderful feeling of walking up to a homeless person
and giving him/her $500. I'd love to be able to do just that.
Sour Cherry Pottery

Tony and Sheila Clennell
4545 King Street, Beamsville
Ontario, Canada L0R 1B1