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to ceramics suppliers

updated sun 28 jan 01


Wood Jeanne on sat 27 jan 01

For the Ceramics Supply Houses who read these posts,

Have you considered making a "package deal" with
smallish amounts of the possible substitutes for
Gerstley Borate together for a price you set?

For instance after purchasing this "kit" the customer
would get a pound each several possible frits, laguna
borate, murray's borate, cacadyl, etc.

I would buy this. I believe, it would make
experimentation much easier & handier. Possibly some
business does this already, if so I'd like to know
which one does?
Jeanne W.
Driving home an evening ago, I had to pull over to the
side of the road. I was so distracted by the beauty of
our Palouse Hills covered in a blanket of snow. The
sunset was shining on them causing the high places to
look pink while the shaded areas were a gentle
blue-grey. They looked so much like upside down
translucent porcelain bowls with a light bulb held
under them...only even better.

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