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crackle raku glaze

updated thu 1 feb 01


Carole Fox on wed 31 jan 01

Dear Arnold,

Here is the recipe I use for raku crackle:

Frit 3134 90
EPK 10
I also add a handful of epsom salts to the glaze bucket.

Pull from the kiln when the glaze has matured to a glassy finish. Place =
in reduction chamber (commonly known as trashcans in most places) to =
blacken the exposed clay. This is really just a clear glaze that is used =
on a white clay body. It is glossy and a good base for colorant =

If you experience problems with the glaze bubbling towards the end of =
the firing, turn down the flame and soak the kiln until the bubbles =
smoothe out and then bring the temperature up again before you pull the =

Happy Rakuing!

Carole Fox- in Elkton, MD, glad that the sun is out and I won't be =
spending the day bailing water out of the basement again.