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andie's ^6 glaze tests

updated sun 28 jan 01


C TRIPP on sat 27 jan 01

Thanks Andie. Good testing and loved the commentary.

I have a suggestion to make. On Sept 2, 2000, Ron Roy posted a message
titled CADYDAL in which he shows how he substituted other materials for G/B.
(I don't have the skills to pull it out of the archives to repeat it here.
Just go to, hit Clayart and then input the subject,
date and ronroy in the email address line.) You might find this useful
for revising your old G/B favourites. I used INSIGHT for the following.

I used the above information to revise PERSIMMON. I have not tested this
yet as I am waiting for a shipment of some of the chemicals. So here I go
dancing out on to a limb...

Persimon Revision
EPK 22
Silica 17
Cadycal 18
Frit 3134 19
Frit 3124 18
Talc 6
Red Iron Oxide 11

(You could tweak it slightly by using Talc 5 and Soda Ash 1 but I bet it
would be more trouble than it is worth.)

I also came up with another revision using a mixture of ball clay and EPK,
instead of all EPK:
Persimmon Revision 2
EPK 12
Silica 14
OM #4 Ball clay 13
Cadycal 18
Frit 3134 19
Frit 3124 18
Talc 6
Red Iron Oxide 11

I won't know how this works either, until the boat arrives. Is that a
craaaacking noise I hear?

Regards, Carol

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