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^6 glaze recipes,

updated tue 30 jan 01


CraigD on sun 28 jan 01

Results & Requests (LONG & NOTES TO ALISA) Persimmon w/o Gerstley

Andie made a request for a reworked (gerstleyless) ^6 Persimmon glaze.

The following base glaze is identical (on the computer screen) to the =
original, via Insight.

Cadycal:... 30.42
Nepheline Syenite... 20.97
Silica... 23.17
EPK... 13.18
Wollastonite... 7.20
Talc... 5.06

RIO 10%

This recalculation has been done only on the screen and has not been =
tested yet. Lets here from anyone that decides to test.

This SiO2 is near the low end of the limits for ^6 and the B2O3 is =
nearly 2X the recomended high limit.

MANY of these Gerstley recipes can be re-calculated so the new glaze is =
identical (chemically) to the original version. However, a direct =
substitution, of say Frit 3134 for Gerstley Borate is akin to putting =
Cumin in your french toast because it is kinda the same color as =