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re. terra sig. application

updated fri 26 jan 01


Russel Fouts on thu 25 jan 01


>> I have started experimenting with terra sig but am not sure i'm
doing it right. do you put it on when the pot is leather hard or bone dry,
Do you burnish it while still a little damp or dry? How many coates? Thanks
Vicki <<

I'm sure someone has already told you to read Vince Pitelka's notes on Terra
Sig on the Digital Fire site so I won't include the link here.

Vince's info is about the clearest and most precise. I haven't followed it

When you apply the terra sig depends a lot on your clay. The real trick is
that the sig should be THIN, THIN, THIN.

Some apply it to leather hard but most apply it to bone dry and burnish
while still a little damp (leather hard for terra sig).

I apply it to bisque and burnish with a "baggie" (Thanks, Patty Wouters)
when slightly damp or dry but, then, that's what works for me.

Go read Vince's Piece, he knows what he's talking about. Then once you
understand the basics, have a look at your sig, clay and situation and see
what works best for you.

And go have a look at my site, listed below

Write if you have any questions


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