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axner engraved in stone?

updated thu 25 jan 01


DYAN777@AOL.COM on tue 23 jan 01

Clayart folks,
I was certainly pleased to see Howard's more than generous response to this
I am a shipping clerk in my day job (not at Axners) and I deal with
International shipments (especially Canada) on a daily basis.
When I saw the rant about customs charges my first thought was that the
people at Axner are properly trained.
Shipments going into neighboring Canada require more accompanying customs
declarations than destinations halfway around the world. Not only do they
require a complete description of items being shipped but the method of
payment is also addressed. Seems to me that request was a bit twisted as well.
Bottom line: This person was asking a business person to create and sign a
false document. A BIG NO-NO.
I have done business with Howard at NCECA, ordered online from Axner's
website as well as discussed my order over the phone with one of his
representatives and found all exchanges to be to my satisfaction.
Where I work there is a memo on the wall.
Since when is your lack of poor planning my emergency?
Enough said,
Diane Ayers
Robbinsdale MN