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axner - engraved in stone???

updated fri 26 jan 01


Kathryn L Farmer on thu 25 jan 01


I applaud you for upholding the law despite its unpopularity. I also think
that your credit and payment policies are fair. It does seem that your
exchange/return department could use a little improvement, but it probably
isn't any worse than most. I've had such problems with many reputable
favorite companies of mine.

I agree with those of you in Canada that the extra expenses of custums is an
unfair situation. However, taking the matter up with the Canadian and US
government, rather than a business person caught in the middle, would be the
just route to go.

'Just read Earl's post. Well stated, Earl. Also, Tom's point was one that I
felt too. I'm now pulling out my Axner's catalog to form a wish list for my
first order with them. (I don't have a problem with waiting until I have
cash in hand.)

Kathryn Farmer

PS. I am not affiliated with Axner's in any way, and have never had the
pleasure of meeting or corresponding with Howard outside of lurking on this