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apology to axner

updated thu 25 jan 01


michael wendt on wed 24 jan 01

Dear Group,
My post about Axner: (From: michael wendt
To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
Subject: Re: AXNER - Engraved in Stone??? (long)
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 7:06 AM) was poorly worded and did not =
convey my beliefs properly. I meant it to be a positive statement. I =
have in the past and still do buy from Axner. Their service is prompt =
and accurate. I was venting and that is stupid. We do that about the =
post office and they suffer from the same onus:
Do 1,000,000 things right... nobody notices or says so much as thank =
Do one thing wrong and that gets brought up and repeated over and over.

Thank you U S Postal Service! Thank you Axner Pottery Supply!

I am sorry I vented and will remember in the future to stay my hand from =
the keyboard until I think things through better and do my part to try =
to make Clayart a positive place.
Michael Wendt