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pre-spring cleaning sale!

updated tue 23 jan 01


Jean Cappadonna Nichols on mon 22 jan 01

Hi Clayarters,
I am about to embark on a new sculpture series; took a look around my garage
and decided that it would be helpful to be able to move around in order to
work! Therefore, I have decided to part with some tools which are in good to
excellent condition but I simply must utilize the space they occupy for
other things.
I have listed below: the item, short description, list price (that I paid
for it at the time), selling price and age, if I know it. I will ship items
C.O.D. You're gonna have to live in Florida if you want the kiln. I no longer
have the shipping crates etc. so you will have to pick it up in a large
vehicle. I have manuals/ instructions for most stuff. If anyone wants to
contact me directly, my e-mail is:

Pelouze Scale - measures 50lb. x 4oz increments, model YG 800R- List @ $64.00
-sell for $35.00; 1993
OHAUS Triple Beam Balance Scale- stainless steel scoop incl.; W/ taro
adjmnt., 5lb. 2oz cap., 2610g. List @ $117.00-sell for $75.00; 1995
Talisman Production Sieve-List @ $115.00 -sell for $85.00; 80 mesh screen;
list @ $28.14 -sell for $18.00; 1997 or 1998
Pacifica Wheel w/ Splash pan- Pedal has been replaced, has reversing switch;
GT400; list@ $629.00- sell for $500.00; (used twice - thought I would learn
to throw in spare time...yeah, right!) ; Has "stand-up" leg extensions, great
if you have back problems; list @ $85.00 - sell for $40.00; 1998
Giffin Grip- Since I did not learn to throw...list@ $159.00- $174.50-sell for
$100.00; 1999
Ceramic Artist's Easel - Tool for "hands-free" decorating of vessels (which I
don't produce- what was I thinking?) list @ $89.00-sell for $50.00.
Olympic 3027- Oval, 16.5 cu. ft. capacity w/kiln sitter and additional 4.5"
blank ring; Interior dimensions w/o ring: H:30" x W:42" x D:27"; 240 volt;
Cone 8; Has about 5-8 brick in need of replacement. At last use all elements
worked great; has been stored for about three months.( I've upgraded to an
even larger oval) About 8-10 years old. List @ $1897.00-sell for $950.00.
Has 2 half and 1 rectangular shelf. (the 3 combine to form 1 shelf) Must live
in Florida or be able to drive a zillion miles to South West Fl. to pick up.
Please contact me if you have any interest or questions,
Jean Cappadonna-Nichols

Anne Hunt on mon 22 jan 01

Hi, Jean!

Good for you! Aren't garage sales wonderful? If no one else has hollered
"dibs" yet, I'll take your Pelouze scale and Talisman sieve w/ screen.
Let me know if I'm in the front of the line for either or both, and we'll
set up payment/shipping...gee, and this isn't even eBay..


anne & the cats, in Sequim, Wa