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formulating cone 6 porcelains - overview

updated wed 24 jan 01


Fabienne Micheline Cassman on tue 23 jan 01

Thank you again for all the references and advice. If any of you are
interested in making cone 6 porcelains and in understanding clay bodies in
general, here is what was suggested -- great books, might I add :) I was
lucky to find what I didn't have at the campus library.

Cardew, Michael. Pioneer Pottery. (includes slop method)
Conrad, John W. Contemporary Ceramic Formulas.
Zakin, Richard. Electric Kiln Ceramics.
Peterson, Susan. The Craft and Art of Clay. 3rd edition is what I have.

Zamek, Jeff. Additives for Glazes and Clay Bodies. CM December 1998
I particularly like the idea of playing with Veegum T to replace the dirty,
shrinking, absorbing ball clay

Hansen, Tony. Magic of Fire II.


Fabienne who is ready to mix now
Milky Way Ceramics

Yes, I have learned from my mistakes...
I can reproduce them exactly.