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variable speed motors and $$$$$

updated fri 19 jan 01


Earl Brunner on wed 17 jan 01

Ouch, I know what you mean, the gearbox on my Walker Pugmill is over
$500.00 dollars to repair!! To replace it, they said I would have to
replace the motor as well. The estimate for that was over $1200.00! I
figured it was beginning to look like if I went that route I might as
well get a new pugmill.

I know, some of you think my Walker pugmill is a walking death trap and
I would be well off to get rid of it. But it has sentimental value and
I generally "try" to be careful. (I'm not quite the idiot I was in my
younger years). I once chopped off the end of one of my fingers trying
to play a trick on a friend, but that's a different story.

David Hendley wrote:

> Rebuilt motors that I've encountered over the years are not
> much less expensive than new ones, and I would rather go
> with a new one. Likewise, when a motor burns out, it usually
> costs as much to have it repaired as to buy a new one.
> --
> David Hendley
> Maydelle, Texas

Earl Brunner