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formulating cone 6 porcelains

updated sat 20 jan 01


Fabienne Micheline Cassman on fri 19 jan 01


I was wondering where I could find information about formulating a cone 6
porcelain body. Understanding what makes it click, pitfalls and all. If
any of you want to volunteer information, recipes, experience, etc., I'm
all ears :)

Thank you,

Milky Way Ceramics

Yes, I have learned from my mistakes...
I can reproduce them exactly.

Bruce Girrell on fri 19 jan 01


Tony Hansen has some information on this at

It has a nice description of the role of each ingredient and an approach to
developing a porcelain body of your own. I found it quite helpful in the
development of the kaolin body that I am currently working on.


Wade Blocker on fri 19 jan 01

Here is a recipe for porcelain from Ceramic Formulas by John W Conrad.
He also has a chapter on formulating clay bodies in his book "Advanced
Ceramic Manual" technical data for the studio potter.

C 104 white porcelain Cone 6, John Conrad

Georgia kaolin 40.0
Potash feldspar 25.0
Kentucky Ball #4 16.5
Flint 13.5
E.P.Kaolin 5.0

shrinkage 9.0%
color oxidation white

In his book "Ceramic Formulas" he describes the porcelain bodies
formulated for specific use eg throwing, casting, pitfalls and
Hope this helps. Mia in sunny but chilly ABQ