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^6 glaze large, jr. cones

updated fri 19 jan 01


Carolyn Nygren Curran on thu 18 jan 01

John, Cindy...apples and oranges. Thanks for the info. Although I've used
jr. cones for 30 years almost exclusively (working in miniature for a lot
of that time), I have still never used a kiln sitter. I've never even seen a
kiln sitter in action. I purchased an Aim 8"x8" x8" kiln with a sitter,
but since it's used primarily for raku, I have set up a by-pass for the
sitter and use the cones on a cone pat. (Yes, Cindy, some potters do that.
Of course, when I give the used cone pats away to kids at shows, even
potters occasionally wonder what they are because of the size. ) So I
have learned something new now which I will put to use when and if I ever
use a kiln sitter. Thanks and cheers, CNC