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updated fri 19 jan 01


Elca Branman on thu 18 jan 01

The section on teapots in your letter (Richard Aerni)grabbed me.

I've been making teapots recently and the first ones started out as a
result of a post in Clayart wherein the method of throwing a narrow
topped form and turning it on its side was mentioned.( I think it was
Elizabeth Priddy)

What fun, i thought. Despite the fact that I have no regular outlet for
my work, I have been making funny teapots since, more than necessary and
after the first few, dealt with the functionality more.They all work,
but I hate selling teapots because when I used to sell teapots, fairly
often the customer would pour boiling water into a cold pot and crack the
bottom. When they brought it back I would replace it, of course(good
customer relations..grrr) Anyhow, I figured then ,that because they took
a fair amount of proper fitting of parts time and along with the
occasional free replacement, they were time/energy/money inefficient and
I discontinued them.

Now, making them for designing play is a joy. I have a shelf with 18
different ones lined up on my non pottery studio wall, and to my
amazement did a few more this week.
They may be the equivalent, for a potter, of the self- portrait for a
painter, because it is an inexhaustible subject.

When bored, or in doubt, make a teapot.

....and I make tea pots specifically to brew tea in. I.e I
> used it,
... And another by someone everyone here knows of,
> that is
> incredibly beautiful, earthy, rugged of clay and glaze, but which
> leaks like
> a sieve due to coarse texture of the clay and the inconsistant glaze
> covering it. I love these tea pots, they might even be good enough
> to be
> juried into shows and win awards, but they don't make tea worth
> squat. So,
> mostly I just make tea pots to make tea with, and don't enter them
> into
> shows or juried competitions. People just buy them, and by so
> doing, let me
> keep making more pots year by year.
> m

Elca Branman.. in Sarasota,Florida,USA

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