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updated thu 18 jan 01


lucien m koonce on wed 17 jan 01

<< I was lucky enough to be among the crowd at Edna Arnow's 50 year
retrospective... >>

Mary Beth....where is this exhibition being held, and for how long?

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L M Koonce / Robbins, NC, USA

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From: MaryBeth Bishop
Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 9:46 PM
Subject: lowfire pooling glazes

>I'm not sure where lowfire/high fire ranges begin and end. I'm sorry for
>ignorance. Anyway the caveat before the thing I want to say.
>I was lucky enough to be among the crowd at Edna Arnow's 50 year
>retrospective and 80th birthday yesterday. She showed slides and a number
>her pieces were on display. I learned much even in the short presentation
>she gave. She had pieces which had glazes which moved and pooled a good
>at cone 6. They looked like high fire reduction to my limited eye. She
>some things about using tin and such things as large percentages of glazes.
>Thirty years ago these ingredients/elements were less costly than today. I
>thought a number of pieces were barium or lead glazes but I was 100% wrong.
>It turned out they were Albany slips under glazes or glaze on glaze
>applications with large amounts of tin and so on. Very interesting stuff.
>think she knows more about such things than I could learn in a year
>listening. Anyway, the point I want to make is that the answer to a glaze
>puzzle isn't always lead or barium. Some of these inclusions were
>to problems for their time. I guess we have to keep looking for the magic
>the things available to us today.
>I think the most interesting thing about hearing her talk about her work
>the way she moved on. This was what she did in the 60's, this in the 70's,
>so on. All wonderful stuff but not lamenting or holding to what was. Just
>moving forward with what was in her present at each stage. Talk about a
>living treasure. Quiet, lovely, brilliant person and breathtaking work. I
>wish you could all have been there.
>One friend said she would like to live so long. I hope we all can. To see
>our work mature and change. Well I am going on and have left the subject
>behind so will stop. Still, I am newly inspired to experiment and hope for
>something magical to happen.
>Mary Beth Bishop
>Durham, NC (3 days until we open mamagama and see what we got)
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