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gradschool at 51

updated wed 17 jan 01


Wynne Wilbur on tue 16 jan 01


Last year at NCECA, Lynn Duryea and I led a discussion group on this
very topic - It's Never Too Late to Go to Gradschool -(Lynn is a second
year grad in her 50's, and I am in my third year in my 40's). It was a
great discussion and one of the best things about it was the huge
turnout. Clearly, many people had been thinking about it and I think got
some reinforcement from all of the other people who showed up. In the
process of putting it together we heard positive things from many people
who had gone to school later in life including Vince Pitelka, and
current NCECA President Elaine Henry.

Speaking for myself, it was a wonderful decision - and I can say this AS
I go through the stress of finishing my last semester, putting my show
together, writing my thesis, applying for jobs (and wondering what I
will be doing when I don't get one right away!) and teaching a class
I've never taught before. What a journey.

Ya gotta do it - good luck!

University of Florida (for 4 more months!)