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potter's dictionary

updated sun 14 jan 01


iandol on sat 13 jan 01

Dear Friends,
Our travelling librarian came up trumps for me with the `1999 reprint of =
the 1995 Edition of J.and F. Hamer's monumental tome as an interlibrary =
Nothing about Shino or Carbon Trap, except as a glaze fault. Oxygen =
Probe not named as such and is buried in Instrumentation.
Immediate impressions. Full of very modern colour illustrations. Wordy.
Bibliography is mainly from last twenty years. They have cut out Rhodes, =
Parmellee, Singer.
Recipe appendix has many examples containing Lead silicates, which is =
fair if they conform to the H & S Regulations after firing.
My original gripes remain. Have a month to go through it.
Ivor, Redhill, South Australia.
With a forecast of 44C---111 F and hotter further north. Good day to =
watch the Cricket.