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ot: screen saver - i saw the teapot!!!!!!!

updated sun 14 jan 01


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on sat 13 jan 01

I am so excited. I finally saw the teapot.

Several months ago there was a discussion about a teapot in one of the
delivered MS screensavers. I changed the screen saver on my business laptop
(a PC) and kept an eye out for the teapot. I was looking for something that
looked like a teapot in the negative space. Never did find it. Then yesterday
I saw an actual teapot. An actual teapot! Boy, was I excited. (I know,
perhaps I should get a life)

in sunny Redondo Beach, Callifornia USA
Eager to go down to the beach to see what treasures the sea may drop on the
beach as a result of the storms this week.