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orange cone 10 reduction glaze....

updated tue 16 jan 01


rohde on thu 11 jan 01

does anyone have a good orange ^ 9-10 glaze.. let me know thanks


Chomsky501@AOL.COM on mon 15 jan 01

Andy, here's a dandy...

This cone 10 matt orange is a staple at Florida Atlantic University. It is
especially good in combination with ash glazes on, say the top 1/4, and matt
orange below.

Has lots of motion & breaks - best on clay with some iron content.

Garry Dick

F.A.U. Matt Orange (^10 reduction)

Custer Spar 52
EPK 25
Whiting 25
Talc 4
R.I.O. 6
Bone ash 4
Rutile 5

Good Luck!