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cone reliability

updated sat 13 jan 01


Frederich, Tim on fri 12 jan 01

All Orton cones are standardized to within plus or minus 3 degrees
C(plus or minus 5 degrees F approximately). The batch material is
standardized and the production run of cones are also fired and compared to
the standards. There are many variables in the production and firing process
but our quality control is very exact to account for the variables that
might be present. We have to be able to match the figures at the National
Bureau of Standards. Our cones are used all over the world in laboratory
situations for industry,thus we have to maintain our accuracy.
You are correct when you say that controllers are only as reliable
as the information that is fed into them. Some thermocouples degrade quickly
over time and some don't. I always reccomend that people use a type S
thermocouple and have the controller calibrated to work with this
thermocouple. Type S thermocouples will last a very long time with almost no
temperature deviation until the thermocouple reaches the end of its life
Cones are still the most reliable way to tell the amount of heatwork
taking place in the kiln. Because they are based upon a time and temperature
relationship, we do have to take this into account when developing a firing
schedule. Please contact me if you have other questions or would like more
My number is 614-895-2663 ext.36.

Best regards,

Tim Frederich