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building equipment/wedging tables tilt?

updated sat 13 jan 01


Marcia Selsor on thu 11 jan 01

Dear Cindy and Judy,

I thought the tilt was suppose to be away from you to ease the strain on
the wrists(?)

Marcia in Montana

Cindy Strnad wrote:
> Judy,
> Make the table out of heavy stock and tilt it slightly toward you. Have it
> at about belt height, or whatever is most comfortable for you, personally.
> The height of the table will protect your back while wedging, so be careful
> to get it right. Experiment.
> The surface may be slate, canvas, plaster, or anything else that will
> discourage the clay from sticking. If you choose canvas, it will tend to be
> dusty, and should be removable. If you choose plaster, you'll want to
> protect all the edges to avoid chipping.
> Don't forget to include a cutting wire (or two) at the end(s).
> Cindy Strnad
> Earthen Vessels Pottery
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> Custer, SD 57730
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Marcia Selsor