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show in olympia, wa

updated wed 10 jan 01


Paul Lewing on tue 9 jan 01

I just wanted anyone in the Olympia, Washington area to know that I am
having a small show. It's not a big deal, and there won't be a real
opening, and it's not even a one-man show. What makes it a big deal for
me is that this is the first time in a lifetime of making art that I
have put anything in a gallery that wasn't clay. I was an oil painter
from the age of eight till I got hooked on clay in college, but I never
showed any paintings. This show has four tile panels and ten drawings
done with water-soluble colored pencils, and I'm very excited about
them. They're all landscapes.
The show runs through February 10, at Childhood's End Gallery, 222 West
4th Street. Drop in if you're in the area.
Paul Lewing, Seattle