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cone 6 glaze texturizer

updated thu 11 jan 01


Carol Sandberg on tue 9 jan 01

To Those Interested in Cone 6 Oxidation Glazes:

I made some pieces in mid-range porcelain, and had areas where I wanted =
to limit the movement of color, (next to totally white areas) so I used =
underglazes under a clear glaze fired to Cone 6 in oxidation. Since I =
wanted the colored areas to have some variation (not to be solid opaque =
color ), I used a commercial product made by Amaco "for application on =
top of a high fire glaze" as a "texturizer" and found the result to be =
quite interesting . Amaco calls it a "rutile based texturizer" whose =
purpose is to give variation to the surface of a glaze. The effect =
reminds me of the look of a rutile salt slip. Since it is a commercial =
product, I don't know the formula (it would be helpful to know Amaco's =
formula for the Texturizer, but that, of course, is secret info ) and I =
am wondering if it is merely a mixture of a clear glaze and rutile and =
if Amaco's product could be duplicated with any clear glaze recipe by =
taking the clear glaze formula and experimenting with percentage =
additions of rutile or if there would also need to be a small quantity =
of an opacifier. (????)=20

If anyone has used Amaco's Texturizer product , has interest in =
achieving a similar result, or has any information posted in the =
archives, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Carol, in still cold and snow-covered Indiana

Ron Collins on wed 10 jan 01

Carol....I have used Amaco texturizers for years, both high-6- and
low-06-they make both. In a neutral atmosphere, they don't work for my
glazes...they will sort of shrivel up over the glaze, or under it...but in
ox., they do great to add mottled texture..I havenot tried to make my own,
having sort of a life-time supply here with me...but it is worth the jar goes a long way, unless you do production work..I used to
spray it, thinned, over my c.6 glazes and it works very well. By itself,
over white stoneware, it makes a strong orange, which I find interesting
with a tenmoku at 04...I can more or less duplicate a wood-fired look with
oranges, blacks, whites, etc on one pot without a lot of time and trouble.
I prospect and process my own glaze materials here, and yesterday made up a
bucket of volcanic ash cream, to use at 06-04. I poured in a little high
fire text., and now have a nice creamy..gave it the warmth it
needed.....don't have any rutile down here with me...the high fire text. by
itself or in combination works better for me at low fire than the one
specifically for low fire. Hope you'll experiment, this is a good product
to play with...I don't try to copy reduction/wood fire looks, but it's nice
to have more options in oxidation...Melinda in Guatemala