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back issues of ceramics monthly

updated sat 6 jan 01


Steve Mills on fri 5 jan 01

Dear Friends,

Back copies of Ceramics Monthly for sale.
Over the last few years Bath Potters Supplies (UK) have acquired various
batches of the magazine Ceramics Monthly. This makes nearly a complete
set running from 1968 to 1996 (in fact there's 30 missing out of 300).
They are an excellent reference source. We are having a tidy up and are
keen to get rid of them as a job lot (no splitting). They've got to go.
All offers considered.
The whole batch weighs 30 kilos so you would also have to bear the cost
of postage. In the UK this would be 10 Pounds Sterling. The cost of
shipping from England to the USA for example is unfortunately much
higher at 150 Pounds Sterling (approx. $223)

Steve Mills