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good pottery exhibit - washington dc

updated wed 3 jan 01


Jonathan Kirkendall on tue 2 jan 01

Hi Everyone,

Back on clayart! Missed all the reading while I was on vacation.

The 16 niece visited last week, and we discovered this show happening at the Freer and
Sackler Gallery(part of the Smithsonian) entitled Asian Traditions in Clay.
It's a rather small show, but well worth the visit if you can make it. Lots
of incredibly beautiful unglazed coil bowls from ancient Iran.

Also, in the African Art Museum, there is an exhibit of artifacts from
ancient Kush, south of Egypt, with some rather startlingly beautiful pots.
Well worth it if you can see it.

Happy New Year to all!
Jonathan in DC
getting off line now to order that new kiln....