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book review for ceramic science for the potter

updated wed 3 jan 01


C. A. Sanger on tue 2 jan 01

I concur with Bruce's review. This is a cool book for getting a
grip on some slippery concepts. I'd like to add that there are two
editions. The older one has slightly more techy stuff, the newer
edition added a section on industrial whiteware. I'm too embarassed to
say how much I paid for my copy. I hunted for several years for one,
then gave up and got it through a used bookseller. Not long after that,
I discovered it being sold off and on in ebay. I bought a friend a mint
copy for a mere $11.00! If you have the time to check in ebay now and
then, you can find a lot of technical clay books. I've even seen
Cardew's book there, and a book on Hamada, even gallery catalogues from
shows of the greats!

C. A. Sanger
ShardRock Clay Studio
Kansas, USA