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terra sig and sanding

updated wed 27 dec 00


Bruce Girrell on tue 26 dec 00

Vince Pitelka wrote:

>...when dry I sand them smooth before applying the sig.


What am I missing here?

1) Sanding leaves scratches.
2) Sanding raises grog.
3) Sanding loosens grog and moves it around, creating terrible scratches in
the clay surface.
4) The coat of terra sig is very thin. Burnishing may fill in fine
scratches, but can't repair deep scratches. Even if scratches are repaired,
grog that stands proud of the clay surface after sanding will not be covered
by the terra sig.

What grit of sandpaper are you using?
To what extent (or for what effect) do you sand?

On a side note - when the entire piece can't be coated at one time, how do
you manage overlapping coats? How do you minimize any lap marks?

Bruce Girrell
in snowy northern Michigan where Santa had no problems this year. It's been
snowing every day now for about a month.