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re; suppliers collections

updated fri 22 dec 00


will edwards on thu 21 dec 00

Be informed that UPS made a judegment call on my credit account for 3 yea=
when I had sold my business and I had not mailed one item for that period=
time but was being threatened every month by a new collector.
I can back this all up so I use the name without fear of retaliation. Als=
remember BIG business is what runs America and it is a fight to get them =
see their errors.
I had done everything including spending more than the bill was for fight=
this and clearing my good credit.
The company even agreed I was right and their collectors continued harass=
me and then when I would settle it by proof another one would get my name=
it would start over.
Do not let these people ruin your credit! Be informed and fight like mad =
you are in fact right.
Also once they put you into collection it takes a monumental task to get =
name out of the system. BTW - I finally found out who the bill was for an=
d how
they had used my account number to bill it on. Things happen!

William Edwards
I wish I had used alchemy to turn the nightmare into a good dream

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