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pottery price/gas price rise...?

updated wed 3 jan 01


Polly Harris on mon 1 jan 01

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the California-USA price rise in fuel
from every angle, but the obvious... Would any one like to venture on the
percentage of rise in product prices for the coming year 2001?
It seems to me everything I use will go up in price from
UPS>clay>travel expenses to shows>firings>etc. I was cutting it very close
at the old prices....Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what the
percentage of additional cost will be? It seems clear that even to maintain
the same profit ratio my pottery prices must increase. The question for this
right brain potter is how much?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. My first wholesale market is January 12.

Polly the Potter
In colorful Colorado

Mike Gordon on tue 2 jan 01

I just watched a news broadcast showing the rise in prices from Dec,'99
to Dec2000, then to Jan 2001, the same amount of gas went from $50.00 to
$125 in Jan. This is in Calif. Do the math, Mike Gordon