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updated tue 2 jan 01


Cheryl L Litman on mon 1 jan 01

I kept meaning to mention this project we did at camp this past summer
and since I just discussed it with someone here goes....

At Grounds for Sculpture in NJ, one artist has made life size scenes of a
few famous paintings. He places them inside wooded areas so you come
around a corner and find the 'picture' in front of you. It's really neat
seeing a famous painting done as a 3D sculpture project. It gave me the
idea for doing that in reverse with kids. We took a famous painting and
reproduced it in clay in miniature. Had quite a number do Van Gogh's
bedroom. A lot of them chose fruit basket type still life's. We
recreated the whole room they were in - from table to basket to fruit
arrangement, wall paper, etc.... Part of the fun was searching through
books to find paintings they liked, learning about the style and then
figuring out the proportions and placement of objects in the painting in
order to turn it into a 3D scene.

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