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jan. 6+7 workshop at nottingham

updated thu 28 dec 00


Terry Sullivan on wed 27 dec 00

(sent this post to clayart on Dec. 19 but it didn't make it up so here it is

David Cuzick Workshop at the Nottingham Center for the Arts

OK all you potters; here's your chance to spend two days with a great guy who
has made his living for 25 years exclusively as a studio potter. And a very
good living at that ( how about selling over 80 % of everything you can make
during two weekend studio sales a year ).

David Cuzick will be at the Nottingham Center for the Arts the first weekend
in Jan.
He will demonstrate all his techniques, glaze and fire his work, talk about
all aspects of making ones living as a full time potter, and we'll celebrate
on saturday evening with one of our giant pottery pit fire ( 18 ft. L x 6 ft.
W x 5 ft. D ) parties.
So you get a two day workshop, the opportunity to fire as much bisque as ya
want in the pit, and have a great party all for $ 65 bucks. Such a deal.

David is local to San Diego County and is doing the workshop in return for
our firing a very large corporate commissioned sculpture. We are passing the
savings on to all of you who wish to come play and learn with us.

You can see David and his work at
More information is on our web site at and you can
also email me at ( please do not email me at
the NCAClay header address on this post).

Merry Christmus and a happy, prosperous New Year to you all

Terry Sullivan
Director ( and Chief Gofer)
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA

Who recently got back from visiting our own lovely Linda Blossom in Ithaca,
New York.
She is doing some really amazing high relief multi glazed / fired cone 6-10
murals of the many beautiful waterfalls around her town.
I got to haul firewood, go to wonderful christmus parties, hike in the snow
to see frozen water falls, ( Brrrrrrrrrrr !! ) , and I'm now home in shorts
and t-shirt in sunny so. calif. and again jumping out of perfectly good
airplanes at 13,500 AGL. Weeeee.