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glaze test for val's turquoise, cone 6, oxidation.

updated mon 25 dec 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 21 dec 00

Val's Turq. cone 6, oxidation.

Tested on mid range, iron flecked stoneware, fired to 1220c, oxidation.

27.60 Custer spar
16.90 Gerstely Borate
21.30 Silica
2.90 Dolomite
8.80 whiting

0.8 Bentonite
2.3 Copper carb.

Subbed local spar for Custer
All percentages rounded up to the nearest whole percent.

Resulted in a stable, bright and clear, gloss turquoise glaze.
Iron flecks came clearly though glaze. Slight, slight steaking and =
in bottom half of test bowl. Not a big color or covering difference =
where double dipped.

Same receipe with G.Borate subbed with Colemanite produced same results =
as above
Same receipe with G.Borate subbed with local frit produced same results =
as above.

A nice, smooth gloss with a good greenish turquoise color.=20

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

SusanRaku@AOL.COM on sun 24 dec 00

Without the colorants, this makes a nice white gloss.