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gas kiln, to buy or build

updated sun 24 dec 00


Dave Murphy on sat 23 dec 00

I can't believe anyone would buy a gas kiln instead of making one. =
Having just done it, it was relatively easy. If you seek out the =
manufacturers of IFBs you can buy them wholesale. I just built a 60 cu =
ft K23 IFB kiln and including new (yes new) kiln furniture it cost me =
$7600 Canadian (northern pesos) dollars. Just see what you could get =
for that retail. Also, David Hendley said it as far as the information =
around today. There are finite variables that make a kiln fire well. =
The upside after the cost is the confidence you gain from intimate =
knowlege of how it has gone together. I had help from a potter who had =
built two kilns like mine. Good luck! Am signing off for the holiday =
week so Cheers to all!

Barbara Murphy
Waterloo County Pottery
Waterloo Ontario