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cone 10 electric/hard brick

updated fri 22 dec 00


mel jacobson on thu 21 dec 00

don't get me wrong anyone...i really don't have a problem
with cone 10 electric. it is a choice anyone can
is your choice.

it is clear however, that every cone you go above 6 puts
a real strain on any electric kiln. the amount of energy
it takes to get past 6 is really heavy. with those thin
walls of an electric kiln...well, it just takes energy...a great

i have said many times on this venue, that i was sure glad the
school district directors did not have a meter on my three skutt 1027's.
they would have had to use `depends`(adult diapers). all three
of them fired almost every day. (i fluxed to cone 3.)

there is a direct ratio in kiln life and firing temperature. that is a

i have a skutt 181 that has fired hundreds of times, but only
to cone 08 bisque. it had the original 1966 coils until a couple
of years ago when i changed and itc'd everything.

hard brick.

i live totally on the side of nils and david on this one.
hard bricks make good road surfaces and patios.
it should not be a viable kiln building material in 2000.
it just takes too much energy. it is an outdated material.

the good part is that itc coatings on ifb's give you the affect
that ivor is talking about....reflection of heat back on the pots.
i actually could tell the soft as it was, the first
time i fired my gas ifb kiln with itc. i told sharlene that the
glazes looked more like the old kiln a the u of minnesota.
the difference is tiny, but it does happen.

i could not, under any circumstances recommend that anyone
build a hardbrick kiln...well, a train, anagama, woodfired..or a chimney.
but not a stoneware kiln. you would double your gas consumption.

but, saying that, each of you controls your own destiny. if you
want hardbrick, well, do it. it will build up your forearms.
with my thumbs, hell, i don't even look at hardbrick.

we live in a time of great energy resource difficulty. it has far to
many political ramifications to make any complete judgements
at this time. (many people think they have complete answers to
complex political questions, sorry, i don't believe it is that easy.)
building a kiln that would take twice the energy to make pots is
a silly thing to do, in my opinion. take the best materials available,
learn to use them, build with them and your life gets better.
we are going to have to adjust our thinking, or we will not have
kilns at all. just like schools and learning, there will be some
person in power, that has a much better handle on `moral ground`..
and they will just make a decision to whack us. they will not
have to have proof, just `moral ground`.
that is the reason i left public education forever. fools that have
power, with no sense. i dangerous mix.
-7 f this morning when i run to get the paper.
will do it naked. just slippers on.
not a sight worth a `kodak minute`.
it is going to be a rough winter. global colding.
the ice age is coming back...take my word for it. i have
moral ground.