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book requested

updated fri 22 dec 00


Bill Aycock on thu 21 dec 00

Someone in Georgia made mention of the need for 'Ceramic Design' by Kenny.
I lost the post.

At the time, I looked through my books in the studio, and found only
another by Kenny. (he was very helpful to me, early on). Yesterday, I
spotted the 'design' book in with my radio books. I dont know why.

So- the one needing the book- if you still need it- post to me, probably
direct. I am planning to let some of my Clay books go on to others that can
use them- so- why not start here?

Bill- almost snowed in on Persimmon Hill, trying to explain to the cats
that it's not my fault (fat chance- EVERYTHING bad is my fault)

Bill Aycock --- Persimmon Hill
Woodville, Alabama, US 35776
(in the N.E. corner of the State)
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