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workshop in italy

updated fri 15 jun 01


Marcia Selsor on mon 18 dec 00

Dear Clayarters,
I am about to send in ads for this workshop. I will be teaching an
architectural ceramic workshop May 25-June 9 in Italy at Pietro's La
Meridiana. We will be including some side trips to interesting places in
surrounding Tuscany. So far the costs are 2,400,000 lire or about $1,040
US.for 15 days in Italy. This includes the workshop, housing, 10 big
mid-day meals and some travel. la Meridiana has been hosting workshops
for many years. See the website below for information. The size is
limited to 16. So far I have 8 committed to coming along. I have been
taking ceramics groups to Spain in previous years and like to have
people experience the foreign cultures:art, food, life. La Meridiana is
in the beautiful setting of the Tuscan country side. It has wonderful
facilities also.

Marcia Selsor

Ann Gattuso on thu 14 jun 01

I have just come back on line after returning from Italy so if this =
message is a repeat from someone else I'm sorry. Actually though ot =
bears repeating.
The workshop taught by Marcia Selsor(from Univ .of Montana) on =
architectural ceramics was great. I learned techniques that I had not =
ever been exposed to. Terrific!
The school-studio , La Meridiana was unbelievable. It sits on top of a =
mountain with a 360 degree view,that defies description. The owner and =
host , Pietro Elia Maddalena was great with anecdotes, history,and =
demonstrations This is his school, studio and home.
The food at La Meridiana was prepared by Christina and young woman that =
we like to have move to this country, The meals she prepared were =
We ate and worked in an indoor-outdoor setting, met people from all over =
the U.S. and took time off to tour,sight see, go to a concert, visit a =
large terra-cotta factory,and picnic at a road side stop. There is =
another workshop planned for October at the same place with Marcia =
teaching. If you can .. DO It. You will be so glad you did.
Marcia, my thanks to you and Pietro. It was a wonderful experience!!
Ann Gattuso