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water in kiln

updated sun 17 dec 00


Tom Buck on fri 15 dec 00

If you mix steam (H2O) and an organic [CH2]n or Carbon at elevated
temperarures, you make Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide, both excellent
reducing agents.
this whole topic was well discussed two/three years ago....please
see the archives.
happy holidays. Peace. Tom B.

Tom Buck ) tel: 905-389-2339
(westend Lake Ontario, province of Ontario, Canada).
mailing address: 373 East 43rd Street,
Hamilton ON L8T 3E1 Canada

Martin Howard on sat 16 dec 00

Thanks Mel.
So I will be saving even more power units by closing up each firing from the
beginning. No open tops anymore.
It's amazing what effects teachers can have, what "urban legends" abound,
and how long and hard something taught by teachers we respect remains in the
mind as unalterable fact.
Experience is what we need, but also the courage to go against what teacher
has told us and find out for ourselves. It's interesting the bible instructs
us to have no fear, but have faith. Actually, the word faith is a
mistranslation. Courage would be a better translation.

But closing the kiln completely, all the time she's firing up or down, will
mean that I need to fire the pottery woodburning stove a little more to keep
my fingers warm and find some more dry wood. But that will mean some more
wood ash for glazes.
Oh, well, balances in everything.

Martin Howard
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling