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holiday sale etc...

updated sat 16 dec 00


Kathleen or Andrew on fri 15 dec 00

Whew! I just finished cleaning the studio/gallery for this weekends =
holiday sale.If your in the area stop by for some warm banana bread, =
we'll have the wood stove stoked up! Found some old pots from college =
packed in the attic-what a hoot! It is really great to see how much your =
ideas change yet stay the same after 10 years. I have been enjoying the =
tales of "older" students & MFA's. I decided to go to college when I was =
24. I wasn't sure what I wanted to learn about before that ... After =
working for 8 years in a production pottery I too had to survive =
ceramics 1. At first I thought it would be a waste of time, but boy was =
I wrong! It really gave me a new perspective on all my options. I tried =
work that I never would have the time/money/supplies to do in =
production. I just wish that I had gone to college sooner! Kathleen =
Earth-n-Fire Pottery Brewster, Cape Cod, Mass.=20
Studio sale December 16&17 2000 - hot deals/warm banana bread :)

Les Crimp on fri 15 dec 00

Kathleen -

Do you know a lady by the name of Eve Carey, a potter in Dennis, Mass?

Eve is a very good friend of ours out here on our Island in the Pacific
(Vancouver Island, B.C. ) Eve has been potting for many years and is a grad
of Albert. Her majolica pottery is a "treasure" to behold.

Good luck with your Studio Sale and Merry Christmas from us Canucks out here
on the Wet Coast.

Les Crimp.