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gas price shock

updated sun 17 dec 00


lela martens on sat 16 dec 00

We in Alberta were warned that energy costs were going up. Our
provincial government is deregulating electricity. We haven`t got that bill
yet, supposed to be up about 40%.We are promised a lid on this in Jan.
because as our Premier says, the province has lots of money.
Did get natural gas bill. Our household bill for October was $97.
Nov.-- $313 ! It wasn`t even cold last month. The natural gas is our heat,
stove, clothes drier and small furnace on low in husband`s studio. The
newsmedia tells us this is a small jump, the real hike will be in Feb.
Other provincial governments are watching with interest. Bet they are,"
watching those Albertan bastards freeze in the dark". A Canadian joke
started by Premier when he was mayor of Calgary, only he said Eastern
bastards, well, at least he`s still laughing, I never thought it was funny.
Heard at the last guild meeting Plainsman clay has to raise it`s prices,
but of course the price of just about everything will go up.
To the student whose pots were stollen. That just sticks. So sorry.
Best of the season to everyone. from
Lela who is trying to get into the Holiday spirit, and wondering if she`ll
have to flip burgers somewhere. No, work harder and learn more about
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