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cone 6 or 10(itc)

updated sat 16 dec 00


mel jacobson on fri 15 dec 00

i think the bottom line is, don't be wishin you were firing
some other way, or some other temp.

great pots being made at cone 6 electric..great pots.

cone 10 electric just kicks the hell out of the kiln...i would
never do that. and the results are not that much better. still
oxydized pots. (coating the coils and kiln with itc would help)

find a cone, recipe, idea that suits you...stay with it.
it takes years to get to know a glaze and temp. for most
home potters, i feel that cone 6 is perfect. so much other
research being done, and that helps you.

i have been messing with rhodes 32 for almost 45 years...still
have a great deal of work to do.

i prefer to suggest as ron roy as said many times...find a good
claybody and learn to use it. find a couple safe base recipes and
learn to use them. once you have established some materials
that you can trust and understand.....the pots then come from
your brain...they become `your pots`.

far too many people just wishin they could make someone else's
pots. make yours.

ITC 213
a couple of suggestions:
use a blender with that stuff...get it thin, well mixed.
it takes just a thin coat to get it to connect to the coil.
if it is flaking off, means you got it on too thick. (it will stop
after a few firings. )
we suggest spraying the entire kiln inside and over the coils
with 100 after you do the coils with 213/
makes for a very nice kiln.
almost 6 a.m.
sliding into my fleece lined jeans and off to buy
warm today..almost 10 F. it is the `theatre of seasons`