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steven's book service

updated thu 14 dec 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on wed 13 dec 00

Dear Clayart,
I received Hamer and Hamer and Ian Currie's Revealing Glazes in the =
post two days ago.
I ordered them via email from the Potters Shop, got word how much to =
send in funds, and the
books arrived by air mail, as specified, a week later. This is great =
service. I am really happy to
have access any book I want via Steven's store. The Currie book is =
paperback and I am looking
forward to reading it on my long trip "out west" to California later =
this month. I am happy, life
is good, I feel empowered by the dictionary. Up until now I used Rhodes =
for everything I needed=20
to look up. My edition is not too current and it is lacking. Since =
living here I am accustomed to looking up words=20
all the time in books, and this book is very exciting to look up "clay" =
language. If you have the funds, I would buy this book.
It is an enormous source of information and can be used in lieu of =
asking simpler questions to the list.
Find out answers in the privacy of your own studio! I am psyched. =
Hopefully I will understand more of
cause and reaction in the studio, in the future. Thanks Steven, great, =
great service. =20

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark