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canadians/not about clay but neither is this thread

updated thu 14 dec 00


Joyce Lee on tue 12 dec 00

Most claybuds probably know that one of my pleasures over the last 30
years has been visiting all parts of Canada, and interacting with
Canadians whom I find universally humorous and generous. I'm certain
that human nature being as it is, there must be many who do not fit this
description but I have not met them yet. We've spent time in some truly
remote areas, have even had a few scares usually because we were where
we had no business being ..... but a Canuck has always come along and
offered a hand, then stayed for fried trout or grilled salmon and
champagne (we believe in roughing it where appropriate, obviously). One
of our rescuers was a young man planning to spend the winter in South
America and had a Spanish phrase book in his backpack. When he found
that I could teach him the survival Spanish he'd need, he and his friend
seaplaned in daily for a week for lessons, bringing us small luxuries.
We still communicate and that was 15 years ago.

The above is a prelude for saying huh-oh, slow up, Nellie ... they're
taking over. Here in the desert highschool football isn't as maniacally
embraced as it is in Texas, but it is BIG nevertheless. Coaches are
hired and fired constantly. BUT our last football coach has been here
for five years now, is widely appreciated, has created a WINNING team,
and is from Manitoba, CANADA..... a Canuck! How did that happen? He was
the best of the best, that's it!

In the Mojave