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mfa, we require residency

updated wed 13 dec 00


LOWELL BAKER on tue 12 dec 00

I whole heartedly agree with Vince concerning the need for total
immersion in an MFA program. Part of that experience includes
the relationships you develop with other students. I find a program
without a critical mass of students to be much weaker than one
with a group of students who play off of each other.

My considered advice is GO to school. As Vince said find the one
that is best for you and just do it. If for whatever reason you cannot
go then read and work and visit with other professionals and learn
as much as you can, but don't confuse that with the MFA
experience. There will most likely be something missing.

Please understand that I do not believe the MFA is the only path.
This is a very individual issue.

If I were hiring a faculty with an MFA that was earned in a distance
learning environment I have to admit that my skepticism would
cause me to look more deeply into that individuals qualifications
than one with a degree from a residential university.

Here in the department of art at the University of Alabama we
require residency.

W. Lowell Baker