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pierre bayle. book and articles.

updated tue 12 dec 00


Yvon LeDouget on mon 11 dec 00


If you read french, these are some informations about a book and articles=20
published in France on Pierre Bayle's works:

The book "Pierre Bayle" written by Antoinette Fa=FF-Hall=E9 and edited by t=
gallery DM SARVER 106 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 PARIS. Tel. 01 48 04 99 2=
published in 1996. 159 pages .I don't know the price but expensif i think.

Four articles in the review " La revue de la c=E9ramique et du verre" 61 ru=
Marconi 62880 Vendin-le-Vieil France
Back issues 23 (1985)
63 (1992)
90 (1996)
some issues out of print but soon on a CD-ROM

Yvon Le Douget

Patty Alander on mon 11 dec 00

Here's a site with info on ordering the book "Pierre Bayle" written by Antoinette