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electric/gas firing/ thanks mel

updated tue 12 dec 00


Diane Woloshyn on mon 11 dec 00

Had my first successful electric/gas reduction firing yesterday. After many
set backs, finally success!!!

Have the kiln, an old model Paragon, on a kiln controller. Set it for a
medium speed which takes 8 1/2 hours. At 1750 F, I put the bunsen burner
with a drilled out orifice and 1 1/2 barrel, ala Mel Jacobsen, under the kiln
and turned on the gas. No need to light; it ignites by itself from the heat
of the kiln. Kept the gas on until it reached cone 6 and the kiln turned
off. Had so much back pressure it pushed out a 3 inch flame from the side
peep. Had trouble getting it turned down any lower. Will have to work on
adjusting that. After the kiln shut off, closed the peeps and let it cool to
1740 F and reduced again for 10 min. Then pulled out the burner and closed
all the holes with kaowool plugs until this AM.

Good glaze reduction through out the kiln. There was only one glaze test I
was happy with and I had no copper reds in the kiln. If anyone can point me
to a cone 6 copper red, I would appreciate it. Am also looking for a matt
deep yellow gold.

There was no body reduction, but that was my clay. The hardest part of the
process was getting down on my side to reach under the kiln to put the burner
under. Old Bones.

Feel like I have achieved a big goal since I have never even watched a kiln
being rebuilt or a reduction firing done. Couldn't have done it without the
help of Clayart and especially Mayor Mel. THANKS MEL!! Another big score
for a great teacher.

Diane Florida Bird Lady